4 Reasons why compliant Silt Fence is Important

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Compliant silt fence, sediment and erosion control devices are important. It is also important that they’re now in place and correctly installed with the wet season currently underway. Correct installation of quality sediment control devices prevents silt, soil and other debris from construction sites and the like running into our local waterways. If that isn’t enough of a motivation, failing to install a compliant erosion control device can result in an on the spot fine. These fines have increased to just under a staggering $10,000 – especially for repeat offenses*.


Compliant sediment and erosion control devices firstly, improve the integrity of your site works. Secondly; they also protect the nearby waterways from becoming clogged with sediment run off. This can occur when there is a downfall of rain, such as a severe storm or cyclone. Alternatively in some instances when a site is at risk of flash flooding. In these situations, it is important that the proper control devices are in place and that they are also installed correctly.


In many instances silt fencing may be ‘installed’ on a building site, however it is not ‘trenched’ or ‘dug in’. This allows water and sediment to easily run under the fence line making the entire process of purchasing and installing silt fence a face value act. Not only does this fail to protect our waterways, but it is also leaves the site developer at risk of fines for non-compliance.


Quality of the sediment control device product is important, as is correct installation. Not all silt fence materials are the same and depending on the site, considerations such as flow-rate are important. This also assists with the bio-degradability of the product once the silt fence is no longer required. However, when having sediment control devices such as silt fence installed – it needs to last the time required.


Product knowledge is the final most important factor. In all cases, it is a requirement to have sediment and erosion control devices in place – but which one is best? Silt Fence is a popular choice, however it may not be the right one. Other products such as floating water-curtains are obvious for in-water applications, however other land based products such as mulch socks, sand bags or sag/field or grade gully protection are the best and most cost effective choice.


Our employees are very knowledgeable of each product and its application for your site and needs. Avoid being fined by having a non-compliant sediment and erosion control device in place. Call The Advanced Group on 1300 66 2345 – we are here to help.

*Information current for Queensland as at July 2016.

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