Impermeable Fencing for environmental protection

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Environmentally sensitive areas, creeks and rivers around civil works sites are most at risk during a rain event. Potential contaminants suspended in the storm water as a result of the civil works create this risk.

Advanced Environmental Services has developed a highly effective protective barrier to prevent these contaminants from leaving site. Traditional sediment control fence has small holes for slow water flow in line with Australian Standards. The storm water slowly seeps through the tiny gaps in the woven fabric pooling the flow of the water. Suspended particles (both coarse and fine) settle out during this pooling time. Thereby allowing for cleaner water to escape from site and silt to be retained.

The trouble with acid sulphates and other nasties is that they can escape the porous fabric. An impermeable barrier is therefore the best solution for this problem. Advanced Environmental Services now offer to install such a solution.

Impermeable Fencing is a 1000 micron HDPE sheet which is trenched up to 300mm into the ground. Therefore it creates what is essentially a dam around the works site. Here is a short video showing this process.

Efficient installation of this product is achieved by our custom fence plough. This plough is attached to a T590 Bobcat. Fast, efficient installation of this product is a key benefit when storm clouds appear on the horizon. Advanced Environmental Services is servicing SE Qld and Northern Rivers NSW with Impermeable Fencing. Indeed our entire suite of products and services are on hand as required. Our Impermeable Fencing to date has been installed among other sites along the Pacific Complete project. It has also been approved by their client RMS.

For more details or a demo of this cutting edge environmental control device, call us today on 1300 66 2345. Let us help you stay compliant and get your site protected.

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