Cellular Confinement

Cellular confinement systems are a popular and useful method of surface stabilisation where surface soils can be prone to migration because of moving water. Cellular confinement consists of a robust three-dimensional structure engineered from HDPE creating a network of inter-connected cells, Each cell confines and compacts contained soil, sand or gravel to mitigate unwanted movement. This confinement prevents erosion of the substrate and improves the structural performance of the infill material providing an alternative to Concrete Canvas, Jute or Coir Matting or other surface cover materials.

The key to achieving successful and lasting outcomes when using this style of slope or drain surface stabilisation method is a quality installation executed to manufacturers specifications and design drawings. Advanced Environmental Services is recognised by the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cellular confinement products in Australia as a provider of such exacting installation services.

Tendons, pin and keys are all used in specific combinations to attached and secure the materials to the ground. Combining other forms of Geosynthetics and/or Biodegradables as required complete the job and ensure durable and effective outcomes for slope protection.

Having installed countless volumes of GeoWeb (Geofabrics), StrataWeb (Polyfabrics) and MiraCell (Global Synthetics) products across many sites throughout the Australian continent, Advanced Environmental Services is your installation partner of choice.

Another yet slightly different style of cellular confinement on a smaller format for more compact jobs is Diamond Grid or Grassrings. Each sheet of Diamond Grid covers ½ of a m2 and can be rapidly deployed by our skilled teams for either events or temporary roadways across less than sound surfaces which need to be made trafficable. Grass Rings is a permanent surface support material usually laid under grass for bearing traffic.