Concrete Canvas (Melbourne)

Developing revolutionary products and embracing cutting-edge technologies is central to the Advanced Environmental Services philosophy. Concrete Canvas, also known in the industry as Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Matting or GCCM, is a prime example of this.

Advanced Environmental Services is renowned as being one of Australia’s foremost suppliers and installers of Concrete Canvas and other GCCM products throughout Melbourne and beyond. A major advantage of GCCMs is the lightweight and easily transportable nature of the compound, along with only a nominal reliance on plant equipment required to install it. In recent times, we have overseen the remote deployment of our skilled installation outfits to locations as divergent as the Curtis Island LNG projects, major roadworks such as the W2B and Australian Defence Force projects across Tasmania, NSW, NT and QLD, along with numerous others.

GCCMs are comprised of a three dimensional fibre matrix that houses a uniquely formulated dry concrete mixture. A PVC backing on one side of the concrete canvas ensures that the material is impenetrable upon proper installation. The material is then moistened by spraying or by completely submerging it in fresh or salt water. Once set, the fibres augment the concrete, protecting it against cracking, while providing a slender, resilient, watertight and low-carbon concrete layer.

Concrete Canvas is currently supplied in 3 thicknesses: 5, 8 and 13mm, which are designated as CC5, CC8 and CC13 respectively. Other GCCMs are supplied in variable thickness grades, according to the intended application.

For a high tech alternative to traditional shotcrete without the need (or cost) for concrete mixers and pumps on site, call us today on 1300 66 2345 to learn about a better way.

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