Floating Silt Curtains
(Brisbane & Gold Coast)

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Waterborne fines and heavy particulates can easily travel vast distances during rain events due to increased water current speeds in rivers, canals and creeks.

The last line of defence for these particulates known also as turbidity is a floating silt/sediment curtain or turbidity curtain.

The questions which may easily be overlooked by the inexperienced are often critically important factors to a successful deployment.

It’s not just the length or how deep the curtain hangs (drop), as is a common misconception. Elements such as tidal flow speed, flow volume, prevailing wind speeds and directions to name just a few can.

And that’s just the curtain itself. Anchor points, deployment direction and land fixings all come into the final equation.

That’s why you best bet is to consult our team prior to purchase to establish exactly what your application needs and then tailor a cost effective supply and installation package for you.

Simply getting this right can save you thousands.

If you have an EMP or drawings showing what is looking to be achieved on your site or adjoining waterway, upload it via the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.