Floating Silt Curtains (Melbourne)

Waterborne sediment and heavy particles can move quickly in periods of rainfall. Accelerated water current velocities in creeks and rivers carry sediment particles.  This is something of particular concern in a region that receives a considerable amount of wet weather, such as Melbourne.

The final barrier for these particulates is a floating silt curtain or turbidity curtain.

Certain considerations are crucial to ensuring a successful installation of a floating silt curtain.  We source the most appropriate yet cost effective solution to maintain compliance on your site.

A common misunderstanding is that the depth that the curtain falls to is the only factor that matters. We address many other important considerations to get it right. Elements such as tidal flow, speed and flow volume play their part. Wind speed and wind direction also dictate the required design specs. Our curtains are produced by Australia’s leading manufacturer EnviroSmart.

These considerations are just for the floating silt curtain alone. Suitable anchor points, deployment direction and land fixings are also vitally important to a successful installation.

With so many essential details to be mindful of, it’s wise to leave the design and installation of Floating Silt Curtains to the professionals. When you contact the team at Advanced Environmental Services, we’ll discuss your requirements and develop a cost efficient supply and installation package that accommodates your needs. This questionnaire will make it easier to design the ideal solution for your site.

Getting this right can save you a small fortune.

If you have an EMP or drawings describing what you seek to accomplish on your site in Melbourne or adjoining waterway, upload it via our contact page and we’ll be in touch shortly.