Gabion Baskets and Rock Mattresses

Gabion Baskets and Rock Mattress solutions are among the most formidable means of retaining ground material or safeguarding against erosion without damming water runoff.

The efficiency and reliability of this time-honoured technique for erosion management and worksite equilibrium for sites throughout Melbourne and beyond is unquestionable.

The installation of gabion baskets and rock mattresses cannot be performed by just anyone. Proper installation that guarantees maximum effectiveness requires a considerable amount of work, depth of knowledge and high-level expertise. And this is where Advanced Environmental Services makes all the difference. Our highly trained personnel have all the skills and specialist equipment to help reduce assembly times significantly, when compared to an ordinary labour hire workforce.

From pneumatic wire tools used to construct the baskets and attach them together, to facing the rocks, lacing, clipping and completing the installation, our meticulous approach delivers outstanding results for our Melbourne clients, each and every time.

The team at Advanced Environmental Services are more than happy to develop a customised package to accommodate your needs on any job. Whether it’s a full design and installation, an experienced team member out on the worksite to supervise others, or anything in between, Advanced Environmental Services is here to help.

If you already have an EMP or drawings of the proposed Gabion wall or rock mattress installation, simply upload it using our contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.