Impermeable Fencing

For particularly environmentally sensitive area protection, Advanced Environmental Services has created a purpose designed barrier system called Impermeable Fencing to prevent runoff of potentially harmful contaminants. Pioneering this innovative solution on NSW major infrastructure project site W2B, surrounding marshlands and waterbodies were protected from acid sulphate soils and other nasties which may have been uncovered and mobilised in rain water runoff during construction.

The installation of this product required the design by our engineers and manufacture by our in-house mechanical team of a purpose built IF Plough. This innovative ground engagement tool embeds the 1000 micron HDPE membrane 300mm deep into the substrate to avoid washout or scarping during high volume rain events.

Impermeable fencing also lends itself to an unusual form of Fauna Fence being “Crab Fencing” the installation of which is shown on the video above.

This particular application and its installation was developed by Advanced Environmental Services for the Qld Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to stem the spread of White Spot from the Logan River into local prawn farms. Understandably tight timelines and environmental pressures became the mother of invention for this devastating outbreak and resulting damages to the prawn industry in Qld.