Jute and Coir Matting
(Brisbane & Gold Coast)

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Jute and Coir Matting are both natural products made from coconut husk or similar biodegradable, which makes it 100% environmentally friendly. Serving to protect the ground surface from erosion by rain and wind, it is an ideal covering to assist with re-vegetation of surfaces and slopes alike. As its coverage also offers the ground partial shade as well as warmth retention, accelerated vegetation establishment is another key benefit of this versatile product.

The correct selection of the grade of jute or coir matting along with appropriate lay overlap and pinning distances are all key elements for a lasting installation. Advanced Environmental Services has installed countless square kilometers of jute and coir products over the years. Our teams offer a cost effective and timely installation service, which is sure to last the distance as well as encouraging the desired vegetation growth on your site.

The Advanced Environmental Services estimating team offer our clients a complimentary EMP and VMP analysis service and plan take off from which a comprehensive quotation is then tailored to suit your needs and budget.