Jute & Coir Matting (Melbourne)

Jute and Coir Matting are organic materials composed of coconut husk or comparable biodegradable products, making them 100% eco-friendly. With their purpose of safeguarding terrain against erosion caused by wind and rain, jute and coir matting is an optimal solution in helping the rejuvenation of both flat and sloped landscapes throughout Melbourne. Its application provides protection from the sun while also retaining heat, allowing vegetation to grow at an enhanced rate. This is yet another important advantage offered by this product.

Choosing the right grade of jute or coir matting as well as the most suitable lay overlap and pinning distances are essential to ensuring an installation that stands the test of time. Advanced Environmental Services has performed an endless number of jute and coir matting installations throughout various locations in Melbourne. Our personnel provide prompt and cost efficient installations of high quality matting products that are able withstand Australia’s harsh climate, while delivering advanced growth rates for new vegetation.

The Advanced Environmental Services estimating team offer our clients a complimentary EMP and VMP analysis service and plan take off from which a comprehensive quotation is then tailored to suit your needs and budget.