Mulch Socks

Much like Coir Logs, Mulch Socks, Sand Socks and even Gravel Socks are easily deployed to control runoff flows on site and protect kerb drain inlets. The key difference is that sock products can be easily relocated and re-purposed on site if required. These products are designed to slow the velocity of runoff waters and thereby allow suspended sediment to settle out.  Aiming to minimise sediment migration from sites in conjunction with Sediment Control Fencing and more importantly the entry of sediment into storm water systems.

As most storm water pipes and channels terminate ultimately into creeks, rivers and eventually the ocean, Advanced Environmental Sock products form an integral part of most sediment and erosion control plans.

The Advanced Environmental Services estimating team offer our clients a complimentary EMP and VMP analysis service and plan take off from which a comprehensive quotation is then tailored to suit your needs and budget.