Polymer Spraying

Sprayed erosion control compounds collectively referred to as Polymers are rapidly becoming a go-to solution for civil and major infrastructure sites. Our spray teams located around SE Qld and the Melbourne region can protect vast areas of exposed ground relatively easily and quickly to keep your site compliant.

The polymer compound is dissolved in water and then spray-applied to the surface or slope to be protected. Lightly penetrating into the soil, within a few hours the product binds soil particles together to form a stabilized layer or crust on top of the soil.

Slope protection using polymers is generally only a temporary solution implemented during the works phase. For a more permanent result, GCCMs or Cellular Confinement should be considered as it is a structurally more sound surface covering.

To establish the best solution for your particular site, we would be happy to review your application needs and assist.

The Advanced Environmental Services estimating team offer our clients a complimentary EMP analysis service and conduct a plan take off from which a comprehensive quotation is then tailored to suit your needs and budget.