Tube-stock Planting

Re-Vegetation of road works sites once works are nearing completion can be time consuming and tedious task. Advanced Environmental Services provides this service and manages the required labour force to get the job done in time and on budget.

Local council guidelines around the species of plants required on a given surface are usually included in the site’s EMP (Environmental Management Plan) or VMP (Vegetation Management Plan). These often include such favourites as Liriope muscari ‘Evergreen Giant’ and Lomandra confertifolia ‘Dwarf Mat Rush’ that can be planted in vast quantities when large areas need to be covered.

Our professional landscaping style remediation solutions including re-vegetation services are however not just limited to road works sites. Commercial development sites and shopping centres, parks and playgrounds, building and sub-division sites can all benefit from our cost effective re-vegetation services.

Send us your EMP or VMP and we will do the rest for you. After conducting a quick plan take-off we send you back a quote for the works you require.