Sediment Control Fencing (Melbourne)

Sediment Control Fencing is one of our core products and vital to a protected civil site. With over 2000 km of sediment fencing installed on a yearly basis we are Australia’s leading provider of sediment control. Our service areas in Victoria span throughout the Greater Melbourne region.

Currently one of our core projects is the Mordialloc Freeway Project where we are installing kilometres of sediment control and tree protection zones, frog fencing and fauna fencing.

Sediment which has been mobilised by moving water is slowed or pooled for heavier particulates and to settle out. Higher quality fabric such as Advanced Environmental Services’ own design further filters out fines from water runoff. Sediment Control Fencing is the primary barrier protecting our waterways from sediment exiting your site during rain events.

Traditionally, self installing sediment control using site labour has been the norm. We have refined this installation process to provide you the optimum in durability and service life. Our highly skilled installers achieve these high standards consistently as a result of ongoing training. Their efficiency means we can protect your site for a fraction of the cost of your site labourers.

The Advanced Environmental Services now offers our clients a complimentary EMP and VMP analysis service. From this, we then tailor a comprehensive quotation to suit your needs and budget.

Staying on the right side of the law

Aside from a responsibility we all bear to minimise environmental impact, severe penalties can be imposed upon those who fail to comply with existing regulations.

As of the 1st of July, 2017, any violations of the Environmental Protection Act 1994 are liable to incur on-the-spot fines between $1892 for an individual to $9461 for a corporation. Chronic or serial offenders can face court prosecution where a maximum penalty of $567,675 for an individual or $2,838,375 for a corporation can be handed down. Different states and jurisdictions of course have varying fines. For more info check the Qld, NSW and Victoria guidelines.

Advanced Environmental Services stands at the ready to help you avoid these penalties by having compliant and effective erosion and sediment control in place across your sites throughout Melbourne.