Sediment Control – Silt Barriers
Brisbane & Gold Coast

For sediment control in SE Qld, we’ve got you sorted. Sed Fencing is one of our most popular core products so much so that we install more than 2000 kilometres of sediment fencing each year. Our skilled installation teams consistently provide sediment fences which last the distance. Quality installations mean your fence remains intact after heavy rain events.

Using advanced automated installation technologies our efficiencies save you money. Swift installation of highly durable control devices saves you on maintenance costs down the track.

Our service areas span across South East Queensland, NSW Northern Rivers and the Greater Melbourne region in Victoria. Click here to view our Melbourne Sediment Control Fencing services. 

Slowing or pooling to allows Sediment and heavy particulate to settle out. Sediment control fencing is the first line of defence against soils and silts leaving your site.  As a result, they protect our waterways once materials are awash in storm-water runoff. Apart from doing the right thing environmentally, there are considerable penalties at play for non-compliance.


Please Note: you will need to check with your local council for any fees or penalties that apply in your area.