Smoko’s Ready – Come and get it!

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Working on site makes tradies hungry.

I don’t think there has ever been a more obvious statement in the history of construction.

With this in mind, The Advanced Group has invested in creating – Smoko, the BBQ Ute.

She started out her life as a hard working site service vehicle in our Environmental Services division towing machines out to site for sediment control installations. As our Network Services division grew, she changed her livery and became an integral part of our NBN installation fleet. For her Network Services days she was retrofitted with an Aluminum service body to keep secured the specialized equipment and components.

The build process took a little over 2 months and the design was based around the unit being entirely self-contained. The service body has essentially become the kitchen and also contains seating and tables for remote deployment.

Whilst initially intended for use on our customers’ construction and civil sites, we are now also deploying her on charity missions for the homeless and also to help people displaced by disasters like floods and bush fires.

The concept is simple; we come to your site and bring a yummy Bacon and Egg roll, Sausage Sizzle or similar feast to fuel the troops at a convenient time. Perhaps it’s a Toolbox Talk or the start of a new stage release, maybe it’s just a “thanks for the hard work team, we got it done” event or even charity day.

Whatever the reason, invite Smoko along to your next get together. If the timing is right and the logistics work, we will be there with you.

Requests for an appearance or site BBQ by Smoko the BBQ Ute, jump onto or call us on 1300 66 2345

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